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Скачать Rock'n'Roll Woman - Smokie


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Исполнитель Smokie

Альбом Solid Ground

Прослушиваний 16609

Текст песни

She was out a looking dollars
And she couldn’t pay the dues
She’d given back her old cadillac
And she’d nothing left to loose.

So she crossed the dusty boarder
And her memory serves her well
And she worked the bar and plays guitar
At the Paradise Hotel
Paradise Hotel.
And than the word got round
About a kit in town
And she played guitar
And really lay it down
As it was something new
And everybody heard
And everybody came
To see the new sensation
And I know the name of the girl I knew
As she sings for you
Rock ‘n’ roll woman.
La, la, la……
Rock ‘n’ roll woman
La, la, la……
Rock ‘n’ roll woman.
She’s not the devils daughter
She can fill you with desire
Now you think she might like dynamite
She can set the place on fire.
Oh, she lives across the boarder
And she’s doing very well
And she works in the bar and plays guitar
At the Paradise Hotel
Paradise Hotel.
La, la, la…….
Rock ‘n’ roll woman
Rock ‘n’ roll woman

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Smokie — Rock'n'Roll Woman

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